Marc Mancuso

is creating ceramics, videos, sculpture, drawings

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my Patreon Campaign!

I teach ceramics and make functional and sculptural ceramics.
I also draw patterns and write about my interests.
I am totally engaged with the way humor and curiosity
influence fine art, design, and even engineering.

Your support enables me to share more of the work that makes me smile and makes me think.

I want to make ceramics instructional videos
to share my 14+ years of experience.
I want to attend conferences
to share my essays with other makers and academics.
I want to exhibit and sell works
at trade shows around the country.
I want to publish pattern books to share my intricate drawings
with other designers and artists.
I want to sculpt little creatures,
to keep all to myself.

Sigh. I'll share the little sculpted creatures, too.

My point?
My current problem isn't creating content
that is accessible, lucid, useful, (and hopefully!) fun.
My challenge is to find the right mix of exposure and resources needed
to establish a presence in several markets, in several disciplines.


Your pledge supports me as I create, promote, and present my work
in the venues best suited for them.

What do you get?
You get a little of everything.
The patron rewards page gives the fun details.
You will get photos, essays, videos,
news of giddy triumphs and spectacular failures.

You'll be along for the ride.
Visitors and patrons will never be bored. I promise.


I do hope you find things that interest you here.
You might also like to visit other content I have around the internet.

Thank you!

$54 of $200 per month
I'm part of a fabulous cooperative ceramics studio in which I make much of my ceramics work. This milestone defrays the costs of materials, electricity, and rent, and enables more uninterrupted time for making artwork.
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