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Welcome to my Patreon page!

I have had so much fun showing my work on Instagram and YouTube but I am hoping this year to connect more deeply with the people who enjoy my work. Namely you! I want to chat with you about my process, hear what excites you about my work, answer your questions, and give you a piece of the process.
This wild ride to becoming an artist has brought me so many incredible opportunities over the past few years. I’ve had so much fun exploring different media and this year I am diving into video! I not only want to share all that I have learned but I want to continue to explore. In doing that, I plan on making a lot of art and who better to share that with than my patrons.

Who am I?

If you just stumbled across this page, hey there!! My name is Margaret Lipsey. I am an abstract artist living outside of Montreal, Canada. I work mainly in acrylic and ink, playing with textures and shades. I have been fortunate enough to show my work across North America, and to ship my pieces around the world. I am grateful for every person who has connected with my work, whether they have purchased or not! The support I have received, has inspired me to push even further. You can see my gallery of works here.

How does Patreon work?

You can pledge any amount you wish to help support my practice. Pledges are charged the first of each month and of course you can cancel anytime. By pledging even $1 per month, you will receive exclusive video, direct contact with me to ask questions or just chat, and my gratitude, love, and occasional surprises delivered to your email or perhaps your door!
Whatever level you choose, and you can change anytime, is so greatly appreciated. And if you aren’t ready quite yet, you can follow me on YouTube or Instagram until we get to know each other better.

Where does the money go?

Your pledges go directly into my practice, purchasing supplies, upgrading video equipment, and funding exhibitions. I plan to take you along for the ride. Showing you behind the scenes of preparing an exhibition, painting sessions in the studio, creating individual works and straight talk about what inspires me, what I struggle with, and what is coming up next.
My first goal is to have my studio consistently well stocked for creating and exploring. My second goal upgrades my equipment to give better quality videos and photos. Then I want to upgrade my studio to have the space for larger works as well as purchasing a printer to be able to do my own prints of larger pieces. Finally, I would like to show my work in Europe, which includes high shipping rates and gallery fees.


Each pledge level will have access to the patron only feed, which will include videos, downloads, and more. Each level also builds on the previous level
For $2 per month – you receive my gratitude and occasional surprises including a special patron discount.
For $5 per month – you also receive a monthly calendar digital download.
For $9 per month – you also receive one postcard or greeting card with my original artwork sent to you!
For $20 per month – you will have access to special behind the scenes videos, first look at new artwork, and a special discount code for all purchases.

Any questions?

Patreon support is pretty awesome and they can help with any other questions you might have.

$0 of $100 per month
Upon achieving this goal,
  • I will buy new brushes and palette knives to help push my practice forward. 
  • I will send out an original piece to each of my patrons upon reaching this goal.
  • And I will post a patron only video doing a happy dance!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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