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The Margin of Error is a weekly podcast hosted by Allan (history guy) and Carson (law school guy), two lefty Iraq War veterans-turned-over-educated-and-under-qualified casual observers with strong feelings about politics and popular culture. Our goal here at The Margin of Error is to bring the most Left's most thought-provoking and challenging cultural and political commentary to our listeners in an accessible, enlightening, and entertaining way. 

As products of a small state school in northern Minnesota, our goal to educate, empower, and entertain. Ultimately, we want to help our listeners engage with the "big" ideas embody our generation's struggle to secure justice and equity in our lifetimes— and that each episode will help you turn Progressive theory into reality.
Every Sunday we will discuss topics from ranging from the politics of music scenes in small cities, to the role irony plays in the behavior of Leftist Millennials, to professional wrestling as working-class cultural discourse.

Our first goal is to raise enough money to pay for hosting our website and RSS feed online, and purchase new microphones. We will need $300 to accomplish this.

Our second, more open-ended, goal is to improve our show and build up our community of listeners. This will, of course, require funding from our listeners, but our ultimate aim is to acquire acquire sponsors to help us improve our website and offer us more time to dedicate to booking guests and developing content.

You can listen to our podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, and YouTube.

$0 of $300 per month
This goal will help us pay to host our podcast online, secure our website, and buy a pair of quality microphones. 
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