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About Marianne Sebetti

I'm an artist from Melbourne, Australia.
Art is my profession, I've been studying it since early years. 
Finally, a decision has been made in my life to focus solely on art and other things I like instead of wasting my time working in jobs I don't particularly enjoy. So here I am, on Patreon, seeking additional regular support for my journey. 
The website is currently getting a makeover, and should be up and running soon
Please take a look at my folio on instagram meanwhile

Thanks to everyone who supports uniqueness! 
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I have multiple plates ready for editioning (printing copies of one plate, which makes up editions of however many prints the artist wishes - every edition is limited). AUD 300 would start up one of the plates. And I will certainly post the results. Remember that the 10 most supportive patreons will get a monoprint as a reward!
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