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Hi! My name is María Verónica Somoza and I want to become an artist! I want make my own comics! I am constantly working on stories and projects. I have series of drawings and collections that you can see here, that no one else can! Including early drafts, scripts, private projects and more! If you want to become a patreon, check out the monthly Tiers and their benefits!
Thank you so much for your support!

In here you'll find the following comics:
-When a Cell Dies: An educational story about the biological process of DNA replication, has action and five female protagonists that wont hesitate to do anything to survive.
-CODY: A story of a child living in a dystopian society, trying to understan why being perfect is dangerous.
-My Comet's Wake (Future project): An LGBT+ love romance between the prince of a comet and an art student taking place in Paris France. 
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For the wonderful people who want:

-Early Sketches and pieces before eeeeveryone else.

-To read every page of "When a Cell Dies"

-Some secret pieces no one knows about!

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For the amazing people who want:

-Early reveal pages of unfinished comics (currently on the making) like CODY and My Comet's Wake

-Original drafts of finished projects like When a Cell Dies.

-original pieces comissioned by you!

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For the awesome people who want:

-To read the scrips of current Issues of CODY and My Comet's Wake.

-To Comission full digital pieces and speedpaints.

-To see the decision-making process behind every pieces and early drafts of big projects

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If we get this, I'll be able to buy a decent camera and microphone to make face reveals and more accurate voiceover descriptions of my painting process for you guys!
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