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my name is Maria Wälsäter. I'm a fantasy author from Sweden with a dream that may seem small to some, but that means the world to me. Please keep reading.

I made my author debut with the novel "Avien" in May 2018, and what a debut it has been! "Avien" may not yet have reached far and wide, across expansive plains and purple skies, but the readers I have connected with all agree - "Avien" is simply amazing. They can barely wait for the next book in the series, "I See Stars".

I love almost everything about being an author, from creating characters to world building, from making the story unfold to throwing in dashes (or huge chunks) of magic, from... I think you get the point. The single best part about being an author is, without a doubt, being read. The knowledge that people are adventuring in the world of Doressea, in this very moment, is nothing short of thrilling.

There are, unfortunately, some less great things about being an author. Some would call them problems, whereas I choose to use the word obstacles. Obstacles aren't permanent; they're surmountable.

But, before anything else, let me introduce you to "Avien".

Does every prohibition have a reason? To save the life of her sick younger brother, Isondra makes a desperate decision. She can't even begin to imagine how her actions will turn the already unstable world of Doressea upside down. Through her journeys, the borders between friend and enemy are erased in the same rapid rate as the secrets emerge to the surface. When knowledge is at stake, every action means life or death for countless more people than just Isondra and her brother.

"Avien" is the first part in the trilogy about the world of Doressea, where the war between Doria and Elysia has been raging for longer than anyone can remember. The inhabitants of Doria's capitol Cent can barely recall why there's a war in the first place. All they know is the information their leaders are providing - Elysia is a horrible place, and the elysians are nothing but awful, merciless and bloodthirsy barbarians.

The city of Cent is misfortunate and poverty-stricken, and diseases are ravaging the streets. Despite the misery, no one would ever and under no circumstances leave Cent by their own free will. Or would they?

"Avien" is a love child between classic and modern fantasy, while breaking fresh ground. In a colorful enviroment with unique and relatable characters, it deals with both magic and subjects closer to home - disease, poverty, oppression and death, but also friendship and love. Above all, it's a story about the last thing that leaves us: hope.

I'm fortunate enough to have something that many authors can only dream about having - a publisher. The thing is, my publisher is tiny in a huge market. They're no magicians and can only do so much for me and "Avien". Sweden is, on the other hand, a small country where the fantasy genre is considered a niche. My audience can only grow so big here.

Therefore, my first obstacle is spelled language barrier. I want the world (our world) to be able to share Doressea with me and my characters, through "Avien" and its successors. To do that, the first step is to hire a professional translator. But, neither me nor my publisher has the means to do so. My english may be okay-ish, but translating "Avien" by myself wouldn't give it the love and respect it deserves.

My second obstacle is money. I barely have the means to be able to write. At all. I'm suffering from Grave's Disease (same as Sia) that has evolved into thyroid storm (twice). Along with some other issues brought on by my Grave's, I am not recommended to work full time. My part time job, in a gaming store, barely covers my costs of living. On the weeks I get a lot of extra hours in the store I am too exhausted to be able to write.

I can't afford not taking on extra hours when the opportunity arises, but my writing can't afford me working that much. It's an evil circle, really. I currently do 80 hour work weeks combining the two (along with marketing, mailing, social media, etc.), and it's breaking me, shattering my soul. I'm unsure as to how much longer I'll be able to keep up.

If "Avien" sounds like something you'd like to read - if Doressea sounds like a place you'd like to escape to - I would be forever greatful if you were to support me and my dream.

  • Hire a professional translator to translate "Avien" into English
  • Release "Avien" onto the English market under my own flag
  • Be able to afford to say no to extra hours in the gaming store, to focus more on me, my health and what I do best: write
  • Share all my future novels with a broad and diverse audience

There's only two things that stand in between me and my dream; time and money. Since time is money, we can narrow it down to one single obstacle - money. Your Patronage would mean I would be one step closer to fulfilling one, more or all of my wishes.

Your Patronage would help me not only in my writing career, but it would benefit my life as a whole - including my health.The amount needed per month for me to afford to say no to extra hours in the store isn't huge, but it would mean the world's difference to me.

All Patreons will get access to Patreon-exclusive posts and behind-the-scenes content.

Patreons from $5/month and up will get access to exclusive (digital) content closely related to "Avien" and the Doressea-trilogy. At least monthly, you will recieve one of the following:

  • A detailed character portrait of one of the main characters in the Doressea universe
  • A previously unpublished canonical short story/chapter set in Doressea
Patreons from $5/month and up will also get early access to the English version of "Avien" - both as an e-book and in print.

Supporting me with more than $5/month will have even more awesome benefits and unique, exclusive content - videos, thank you calls, signed copies, that sort of thing.

No matter how big or small your contribution,

(Or Terima, as someone from Elysia would say.)
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When I reach $100/month, I'll start a Q&A video series.
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