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My name is Marie Chain. I´m a Berlin based german singer, pianist and composer with american roots.
I´m the creative head, composer, singer, piano player and manager of the band Marie Chain.
My biggest inspirations are the Soul, Blues and Jazz musicians of the 50´s and 60´s.
I´ve been doing music my whole life, since 5 years professionally.
Music has taken me through Europe and North Africa traveling and performing.
Together with my band and with famous producer Charles Reeves I recorded our first EP "All We´ve Got" in London which is ready to be released on October 12th.
Of course I invested a lot for the studio costs, the EP pressing, music video etc. cause I do it all on my own without any label to keep my creative and musical freedom.
For the realization of the EP I could get some financial support from Crowdfunding, the crowd made it possible to record the expensive EP.
A great experience and amazing journey started which I´d like to continue:
With pledges I can record a whole album with new songs, new videos as well as organize a whole tour.

"I´m always on the move and tell my stories through my music. I want to not only entertain my public, but also get them to think about my message."

Marie Chain
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