E-girl Feet pics UwU

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per Feet pic

Yoshi's get access to my feet pics and to a semi special chat

Diddy Kong
per Feet pic

Diddy kongs can my naked feet *UwU*. you also get a chat without any Yoshi's and i might visit your chats

per Feet pic

Being a Bowser shows that you are above the rest. the real cream of the crop. You get to request how you want your pics to be, what you want. want me to write something on them uwu? i can. the weirder the more you will have to pay



About E-girl Feet pics UwU

UwU just an E-Girl that needs a wittle money. Can you help senpai UwU*.
pics with socks are $15
pics of my exposed feet are $29
if you want me to take a pic of them doing something or with something special $50-$100
Discord: https://discord.gg/Kqf2wRQ