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About All Outdoors

Six years ago I started the Mark3smle YouTube channel. Since then, what had been a way to come out of my shell has blown up into an occupation onto itself with support I never thought would be possible in a million years, let alone half a dozen. All this was possible thanks to viewers like you, as my content has and will remain free and unattached to any corporate interests.

Here at All Outdoors, I review firearms of all kinds and I also go on about side topics like reloading and gun builds. I give little known firearms a chance to shine and mainstream firearms an objective look free of fan-boy bias.
Now in this new year, 2017, I have decided to harness the power of Patreon to give my many loyal viewers what they would like to see... and some content that will come as a surprise.

Who Am I?

I am Terril Hebert and I have been the host of the channel since the very beginning. A native of south Louisiana, I am primarily a fiction author and manager, but it is fair to say the lion's share of my energy is spend on YouTube. You can also find some more in-depth details of my work on the channel at and

Why Support Me?

There are countless YouTube firearm channels out there and many of them are well received. That begs the question: Why support me?

Here at Mark3smle, I vowed from Day 1 to be all about firearms and to leave politics out of it. Despite that firearms and politics are intertwined, I believe the fascination with these machines can supersede arguments. I approach everything with a bit of a learning curve, so often times you are learning right along with me. I strive for greater videos and all ad-free and without corporate interests and intervention. You don't see only the good, you get the bad too without irrelevant blabbering. I am not the be all and end all of gun channels, but no one is either regardless of subscriber count and views. It will always be me putting out good content and responding to every reaction, personally. Call it being old-fashioned.

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