Mark Dekson

is creating Short Animation
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About Mark Dekson


Hey, I am a Mark 18 years old and I am engaged in 2D animation and graphic design. I'm currently working on a short animated film "The Woodcutter" in which it is said that love for nature has always been in us, only that some people forgot about that love. 

I adore nature and all natural beauties! There are lots of successful works behind me privately. So I want to start a new beginning that I will share publicly.

Main characters: Woodcutter, Owl, Bird
Type of animation: 2D
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Short stotry:
A man who is a woodcutter moves like every morning to work. Walking through the beautiful nature and looking at the trees, he found one who wants to cut off. He started cutting the tree but he did not notice that someone on this old tree still lives and that this is their home...

BEST REGARDS for the one who reads this now !