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Support my continued UBI advocacy and its connections to the Andrew Yang 2020 campaign, as I hope to be writing and creating new graphics for Andrew Yang and UBI through 2020! Previously, I have worked on graphics and writing that introduces newcomers to the idea of UBI, as well as the various studies associated with UBI. This research on UBI documents and studies yielded what I felt were significant findings about the importance and relevance of UBI in the face of AI and automation. You can see that on - and you can see my writings at

If you're unfamiliar with UBI, please read this: What if you got $1,000 a month, just for being alive? I decided to find out. - Vox

I believe that Andrew Yang's 2020 campaign is one of the most important things to happen in the world right now, and that everyone who studies the UBI findings and policy goals should come to that conclusion... and so the following points are part of my current advocacy projects:
- H
ow to reach out to people who don't know about UBI
- How to reach people that don't know about Andrew Yang, his 2020 presidential platform, and his advocacy for UBI
- How to reach people that may not be politically interested or engaged, but who are looking for some positivity amidst all the bad news

Why am I advocating UBI? Because :  And this:

But... what is UBI?

You can help me advocate UBI and support Andrew Yang's presidential campaign. I appreciate your consideration.

About me:
I am an introverted non-specialist game developer, designer, and musician, I've worked on:
ThreadSpace:Hyperbol - 2009 Multiplayer GOTY 
Quantum Contact: A Space Adventure - Jan 2019!
More Recently:

How this page came to be: The game projects didn't pay the bills: After getting tired of doing web design, for income I used to make hundreds of thousands of stickers, but that was not my passion. I had been making stickers for 7 years so that I too could pay the bills (only barely). Meanwhile, I stopped making music... I stopped making art... I stopped working on games... you know that phrase "all work and no play?" well it's especially true if you can't even find time to play...on top of that: with all the news going on in the world I got increasingly depressed again, I learned, from this outstanding essay, it was actually called "demoralization"

I went on for months like that... I was keeping a close eye on politics, to see where the country is headed, because politics was starting to affect every day life for me and those around me... and it wasn't until early 2016 that I learned about a very important idea... an imperative's called Universal Basic Income (UBI or BIG Basic Income Guarantee).

I remained highly skeptical, which is normal... I found out about it through reddit, and creator of the subreddit /r/basicincome, Scott Santens who is here on Patreon! There I read about many tests going on around the world to see how it could help. The idea is that as a human being you should be guaranteed the right to a foundational amount of income and thus the increased freedom of time for choice, increased freedom to access 'basic' doors in society that may be closed, for example: going to the dentist or having access to clean water.

Some of the experiments so far around the world showed that having a UBI helped people escape poverty, increased nutrition, reduced crime, helped parents pay for their child's education, helped addicts reduce their alcohol or drug consumption, helped individuals invest or start small businesses, among many, many other important benefits to society. To my surprise there were several pilot studies in the past as well as ongoing real implementations (such as in Alaska) where real people, today, are benefitting from these programs.

I then set out to learn as much as I could about UBI. The more I learned the more important (and nuanced) I discovered the idea to be. Money touches everything. I'd go as far as to say, this might be one of the most important ideas, perhaps ever.

So, I also began to research the motivations behind earning income beyond survival, as well as why some people are against the idea of Implementing a societal foundational Basic Income, but the arguments are few and weak. Recently I compiled all these resources about UBI, including studies and evidence: - and including many of the misconceptions around the idea.

As we saw in the recent science march, environment march, and women's marches...there's far more people who support and respect and who seek and who are open to evidence and science, and are thus likely to support UBI— but they are wallowing in depression or demoralization like I was...or...they're very busy with day to day life...or... they think they are more deserving of basic necessities than other people... or, they're generally misguided (etc).

Still, I dug deeper and attempted to figure out why those would fight against it- I’m still researching this now. It seems somewhere between 1-5% of people are vocally & vehemently opposed. BUT WHY? I continue to research and learn.

However, I believe there are far more people that can see the merits of Universal Basic Income out there - they're just like me who didn't know it existed. So I have decided to devote much of my time to introducing new people to the idea of UBI now so that hopefully, it can come sooner for all. I'll be writing articles, researching more, creating graphics, starting new projects and advocating as much as possible.

I am also happy to report that I am passionate about UBI. That’s also why I’m taking the pledge to become a UBI advocate:
From Scott’s Patreon
"The BIG Patreon Creator Pledge"
“Taking a page from the Creative Commons concept of Share Alike, any and every patron dollar pledged above $1,000 per month I will consider to be greater than a basic income and will pledge away to other Creators here on Patreon also creating content in support of their own basic incomes by making the same pledge to limit their own final goals to $1,000/mo (plus $300/mo per kid for Creator parents) and pledging to give the rest to others making the same pledge. My goal here is to create a community of content creators all working toward their own basic incomes with the same shared goal of achieving basic incomes for others.”

I hereby pledge to make the same pledge to limit my final goal to $1,000/mo and pledge to give the rest to others making the same pledge.

By supporting me here on Patreon, you will be supporting me by giving me more time to focus on UBI advocacy, researching and writing about Unconditional Basic Income, I will be writing more regarding UBI over the coming months. 
It has been shown that merely introducing others to the concept wins support of it:

Your support will help me make updates to the UBI advocacy website UBI.EARTH and social media updates, as well as give me more time to reach new potential supporters on Twitter. My advocacy accounts have been growing reasonably ( but I would like to multiply that growth significantly. Your support will help me do that. 

Thank you for taking the time to read all this, and considering to help support me on this journey.

Maybe you're still highly skeptical of UBI? If so, I encourage you to research the evidence yourself :

Maybe you're not too keen on UBI .... or you'd just like to support my other work? Before starting UBI advocacy, I was and still am interested in creating games, among other creative projects. You will also be supporting me by allowing me more time to spend on side projects I enjoy in the rare spare evenings, such as ongoing art, music, and games.

If you’ve made it this far, I truly thank you for spending the time to read and learn more about me. Please follow me on Twitter and ask me any questions at all:

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Reaching this goal would significantly reduce stress and help me focus on writing and advocating for UBI every week and launch new UBI-related projects. The fees for UBI.Earth will be covered completely and I will be able to work every weekday with a fresh cup of coffee to keep me awake in the mornings.
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