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Buy us a Deku stick to light torches and if worst comes to worst... to hit things with. Let's hope it doesn't break!

  • Get the reward of knowing you're helping us do what we love and keeping our channel alive!
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  • Get a shout out when you first pledge at the end of the next video. 
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Buy us a wooden sword to fend off Bokoblins, Moblins and Deku Babas! COME AT ME BRO.

  • You'll get to watch all of our videos AGES before anyone else and stand a much better chance at getting a FRIST comment.
  • Everything from previous tiers included.
Kokiri Sword & Deku Shield
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It's dangerous to go alone, take this! It may be small, but if all else fails, we can use it to chop vegetables.

  • You can ask me ANYTHING and I'll answer all the Patreon questions at the end of each video.
  • Everything from previous tiers included.




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About Mark and Becky Games

Hey there! If you enjoy my videos, I'd be really grateful if you would shout 'SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY' and support the content I create over on YouTube. Every donation really helps to keep the dream alive and means more regular content for you guys to enjoy.

Thanks so much for even considering supporting me (and Becky), I hope you guys know that I really appreciate it and I'm so glad to be a part of our little community again!

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At $100, I'll be able to post a new video every second Sunday. We're almost back in action!
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