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Medical diagnostics and therapeutics are evolving at a rapid rate. Too often people are not aware of therapies that could alleviate and or cure their medical conditions. In my multi-decade practice of Internal Medicine I saw patients misdirected in terms of current therapies or even told to go home to wait out the finality of their disease. In that regard we propose a web portal that provides real time answers to a variety of questions which could essentially save lives. Cancer and heart disease are no longer death sentences in 2018 when one knows where to go for treatment. Nutrition knowledge has moved light years ahead which should be available to all. This site is not an alternative to patients’ health care providers. Instead we are a conduit for information which may not have been provided to them by those who they attend.

As an author, journalist and media commentator on health care/science I receive numerous questions concerning current diagnostics and therapeutics related to my writings and media discussions. The web portal proposed would provide an opportunity for those with questions to have them answered in a coordinated manner by a multitude of people.

The cost of setting up the proposed web portal would be in the range of six to eight thousand dollars. Monthly maintenance and staffing costs may exceed twenty thousand per month. The goal is to inform people of potential treatments, direct them to appropriate institutions and medical authorities and most of all save lives.
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