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About Market Movers

Who are We?

We are market enthusiasts and macro economy geeks. We've been writing and talking about the big picture in markets for a decade and a half between us.
Lior is a Ph. D. student in Economics at UB and the man behind Trading NRG. He digs commodities and finds his energy in gas and oil. Apart from that he has been analyzing stocks in major financial outlets when he's not travelling the world.
Yohay is a computer geek turned forex analyst and the person behind Forex Crunch. He runs with market trends and also against them when he's not running marathons. 

We make Market Movers

As fans of the spoken word, we took the next step from writing to talking (quite a unilateral move). The show consists of market analysis of major events and also taking a step back and tackling some off the beaten track topics with in depth insights related to forex, commodities, stocks, bonds and what moves them: the economy, politics and good old speculation. Yet it's not all too geeky and scientific, we aim to make these topics more accessible and dare we say it: entertaining.

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