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I am a professional Jazz & West African / Jazz hybrid music recording artist, bandleader, composer, and tenor & soprano saxophone, flute, kamal ngoni (Malian harp) player.  My group, The Mark Fox Quartet+ has just released our 1st album, "Three Octaves Above the Sun" on Cherry Sound Records. Our intention is to bring our powerful and very unique, transcendental jazz music around the world via touring and ongoing exposure via radio, social media and other vehicles.

My background includes mentorship & professional performance with many of the great legends of the music, including Archie Shepp, Yusef Lateef, Marion Brown, Warren Smith, Steve McCraven, George Clinton & The P-Funk All Stars, and many of the other greats in the music world.  Having transcended many, many things I dealt with as a younger man, I have reached the emotional and spiritual maturity now to take on the pursuit of the music on a full-time basis now.

As a jazz artist, it is rough, as most know, to make a descent living on just performing and recording alone. So I am coming to the Patreon community for additional support.  I am very active in the composition of new works; creation of new content and music; and actively working not only as the bandleader of the group, but also as the manager, promoter and booking agent as well. With the release of our album, "Three Octaves Above the Sun" on Cherry Sound Records, and actively seeking international booking for touring, we are at the tipping point of expanding onto the international stage.  

I am currently composing for our next album, "Synesthesia Suite". For those of you who don't know what synesthesia is, it's an olfactory cross-wiring that some people have, where when they hear certain sounds, they may get a smell or taste; or when looking at a certain color, they hear something; etc... This forthcoming work is going to be recorded live at the St. John's Cathedral in Denver, which is an amazing space - approx. 80ft arched ceilings, 75ft wide and almost 300ft long. The sound is absolutely amazing with an almost 3sec natural reverb in the space, and they have a 9ft Steinway concert grand too!!!

We are seeking support for this upcoming album for rental of the cathedral; artist fees - I have a host of legendary musicians that I'd like to bring in for this album recording from NYC to contribute to the project; and we are intending on filming the recording sessions as well.
Samples from our new album, lots of videos, photos and other info are on our website, And our new album can be purchased at

If you are a jazz and creative music patron, your support would be greatly appreciated!
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"Synesthesia Suite - Iridescent Sounds", the next album, which I have written all the compositions for already, and want to record this autumn, will be a solid followup to our just released album, "Three Octaves Above the Sun". I want to employ a number of "A-List", internationally known talent from the NYC area and elsewhere, who are colleagues and friends, as special featured guests on the project. And we are going to do the recording at the awesome St. John's Cathedral in Denver, as mentioned in our project description / ask section. All of this will exceed the record label's budget for the album project.
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