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Thank you for considering supporting my art. I will do my best to make your participation a valued experience.

Who am I? I am an artist/author/artisan/lover of handmade things/self-taught musician/art furniture maker/painter/parent/grandparent/loner who loves company/humanist/hard worker and generally happy soul. My day job for many years is cabinet and furniture making.
I was born in up-state New York and emigrated to Southern California as a lad and have lived here ever since. I earned an English degree from SDSU with an emphasis on creative writing.
I have always made art in one way or another for the satisfaction and love of creativity. It seems no matter how much I wanted to be able to have my art support me; life had a curious way of distracting me with mundane necessities that somehow were untimely. Now with the help of patrons like you and without so many distractions I have come full circle and can devote my efforts to get my art out there.

A few years ago I made a built-in desk for one of my clients whom I have known, approaching twenty years. The man is a successful author of murder mysteries and he has prospered. He has thirty years of writing under his belt. I had just finished my first novel, ‘Alchemist Gift’ and in a starry-eyed fit of enthusiasm asked for some sage advice on getting the novel published. It was somewhat disconcerting when he told me newbies had to, “pay their dues” in order to be taken seriously by a publisher as well as being considered a writer. I gritted my teeth and smiled through the rest of the project.

At first I was overwhelmed with the thought of ‘paying my dues.’ The more I thought about it, I had paid my dues; I had paid them every day of my life. Every day I was consumed with securing the necessities of life kept my art at arm’s length, not only from me but the public as well. I still created art. I painted, carved, wrote music, wrote books, but not as much as I have in me. I don’t have the luxury of a lifetime ahead of me. Patreon makes sense. This platform gives an artist the ability to connect with people who appreciate and understand the importance of art and writing and the importance of the artist who needs to create.

Perks for patronage.
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earn points that you can use to get short stories, novels, art prints, cups, t-shirts, and more.

At the $5 level and above, you will have access to audio and video files about the books, short radio play of Old Nick, and an audio, video reading of a short form of Robbie's Ap and more.

At the $10 level and above, you will also get access to my Diary where you can find out what I am doing and even join in while I write. You can watch the writing being done and make comments. I am currently working on a screenplay for Eden Towers, a new short story, Hacked, and the second book in the Alchemist Series, Curious Journey. Occasionally I'll do a video of working in the shop, painting, or composing.

At $20 or more you will be invited to join in an interview with Mark every 3 months. Ask him questions about his writing or artwork. Share your thoughts.

At $100 and up you will be able to put a business ad on the podcast and be able to save up to purchase art furniture.

I will write blogs about art and writing and my art, some of which will be available to you, the patron, only.

Later as your contributions give me more time, I will record the short stories and novels and you will have access to those on a podcast. I hope you will be able to participate at the level that will give you the most pleasure and feed your interests.

Thank you again.
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My immediate goal through Patreon is gaining 100 patrons. This should give me enough income so that there will be time to create a podcast and turn my short stories and novels into audio books that people can listen to on the podcast.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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