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Keep in mind, as the project takes shape, these rewards will change over time. Once the first e-book is printed, rewards will turn to the next creation (whatever that may be) so keep an eye out for that as time goes on.
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For $5 a month, you'll get all the previous rewards, plus exclusive access to early draft chapters of the first e-book in the Jacobs series, where you'll get to see the evolution of the story first hand. You'll also have early access to an special YouTube series where I'll be detailing the creation of the Jacobs novels, from development to publication, over the course of the next year (or however long it takes), and other projects as they take shape (more details on that soon).
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For $10 a month, you'll get all previous rewards, plus the chance to help shape this unique world. Help me create characters, name places or technology, help answer questions of my own on how to build and evolve each work as it's developed. You'll be credited for whatever you help create.




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Way back when, at a darker time in my life, I turned to writing to help ease my mind. What was born from that early work was a story that has been following me around for almost seven years, a story I'm desperate to finally finish.

My problem, however, is that I'm always coming up with other ideas, and over time I've become more concerned with the quality of my work and whether that first but much loved story would ever be up to the standard I'd set for myself. So as other ideas came, it fell further back into the pile of work waiting to be completed.

I realised, however, that none of the ideas I've since had would have existed without it, that I'd be nowhere near the writer I am today if it wasn't for that early work that helped me out of that funk. But what of all these other projects?

My solution was obvious. What if every idea I've had, every concept and project I've wanted to write in some form or another, was part of a much larger whole? What if they were somehow connected to each other, small or large tethers that built upon one another to form an entire world of characters, places and stories?

Enter Codename: Reliance, my pet project which aims to bring everything I've ever wanted to work on together into one cohesive unit of storytelling using various forms of media and interactivity. Codename: Reliance will pull all my ideas under one 'cloud' of ideas, one world, allowing me to tell the stories I want to tell but also challenging the notion of what it means to deliver a story to an audience.

Codename: Reliance will use multiple kinds of technology, from e-books and video games to film and animation, to tell this overarching story of a world that's full of danger, delight and imagination. Everything will connect to each other in some way, through characters, settings and events that take place within one another, to tell a story like no other.

But it's not going to be easy, and that's where I need your help. To build this world, I need time and (unfortunately) money, and as much as I have plenty of the former, I don't have anywhere near enough of the later. With your help and support, I can create and grow this vision the way I hope to, into something that truly is inspiring and fun for all.

Your donations to the project will go towards printing, creating and developing many ideas across multiple platforms. Whether it be paying for publishing e-book or physical copies, paying fees associated to appropriate animators, artists or coders who may assist in the creation of certain projects, or general upkeep of the Kartanym Productions brand and website.

To give you an idea, the following are examples of some (but not all) of the ideas currently being worked on:

* A multi e-book series, starting with that very first idea entitled 'Jacobs: Future Hero', in which our hero is a young teenager thrown into a world at war with an alien race and must face down this threat with the help of his son, who's memories were sent back through time as a warning for what was to come.

This series would initially be spread across 4 books, with two spinoffs to follow set within the same cast of characters (more on that later).

* The web series 'Mars'. Currently in production on a very limited budget (which you can see via, Mars tells the story of two adults within their blossoming online relationship, the hardships that come with it and the constant changes to the world around them. Season 2 is currently being prepped for launch soon.

Characters, people and places within Mars will reappear and be referenced in other works, linking them all together into one. It exists both as a way of telling their own story, similar stories like their own and building a consistent world around them. I'll go into further detail on Mars soon, but check out the YouTube channel for our content so far.

* Video game series 'Aegis' and 'Imaginacy', which I will share more about in the future. In short, similar themes, worlds and characters are at play within the two, though they are set within vastly different time frames.

Both are envisioned as platform games, though Imaginacy is a more intimate puzzle platformer whilst Aegis is a large scale, 3D adventure title. These are long term goals that will no doubt require outside help in order to be achieved, though with the right help Patreon members can have a hand in their development.

* Graphic Novel franchise 'Blaster' (working title) is set in an alternate future created following a 'what if' event within Jacobs: Future Hero (i.e. if the Hero didn't win). In this world, everything has changed, though some would say for the better, as the entire male population is eradicated whilst the female of the species thrive with new found powers and abilities.

Blaster's lead character finds herself the Queen of a newly created sport that mixes magic, weaponry and VR into a virtual playground of new stars, as the world around them continues to evolve under the lead of an all Female society.


These are just a handful of examples, the stories and mediums at play varied and unique. As time goes on they will evolve and grow into their own, yet still have links to each other in some way. With your help, they won't just exist in my head, but on the page and screen for all to share.

Is it a tall order? No, far from it. I've set this goal as a long term project, starting with the publication of the first e-book and continuing the development of Mars. It's only a tall order if you let it control you, instead of you controlling your own 'destiny', as they say.

I know what I need to do, I'm confidant in my abilities to pull it off, and I honestly can't wait to share with you my stories and taking this long and wonderous journey with you all.
$0 of $400 per month
The first goal out of the gate will be to self publish the first book in the Jacobs series. I'm starting here as it's the catalyst that holds a lot of the other projects together, plus it's the first major idea I had and it means the world to me. To have that finally published would be a true goal in life. Currently sitting at a 6th draft, the first novel in the series is nearing completion, so hopefully this will be published sooner rather than later.

This goal amount will cover self publishing costs. Distribution and sales of the novel will be handled in-house via when the time comes.
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