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Wait, what. 5$ per month. Man this is just insane. Thank you for supporting me with this kind of donation.
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Hello, so my name is Marko and I can be found within multiple nicknames from one used here is a newer one.
What I'm doing. Well, as IT Administrator I'm doing a lot of stuff, and as photography guy I like to make nature shots and shots which are spontaneous. 
For my videos I like to say that are made with professional gear, but they aren't. Most of them are shots with smartphone or old digital camera (Point and Shot Style).
What I'm posting here - first and for most of posts: old gems in photography and video which people didn't saw before.

Want to help for my work to get better equipment (need a new PC fast, this one old is so old and it isn't for any kind of hard core production) and to help support my works.
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One big thanks, it would help me to get better promotion on Facebook for a week.
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