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is creating the book 'Paradise Amnesia' + spiritual & psychology videos

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I count my difficult childhood as a blessing today. Without that stress, I would not have dug so deeply into human nature. 

While that might sound like a negative opening, I want to express my motivation for sharing my discoveries with others. Those who are still suffering under the specter of destructive behaviors. 

Compulsive behavior in all it's forms (addiction, anger, self defeating habits) are the most confounding of all Human behaviors. We seem to have this mechanism, that is more powerful than our own will. Why is that?

My (in progress) book, 'Paradise Amnesia' will outline the underlying force behind compulsive behaviors. The primary goal of bringing mastery over them, and a constructive and peaceful existence as the outcome.

It's human nature to attempt to classify any work as quickly as possible. Is it religious? Is it Psychology? Is it fluffy spiritualism? The book seeks to be non exclusive insofar as possible. It should be as relevant to an atheist as it is to a theist. It will use examples from science, psychology, quantum physics and spirituality.

For example; the concept of self observation can be explained from a scientific standpoint as Meta Cognition and a spiritual standpoint. The essential principle is what's important, not how you choose to interpret the mechanics behind that principle.

It is my greatest wish to complete this book and also produce videos themed on Psychology, Spirituality, Quantum Physics and how they all overlap.
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When I reach $1000 total I will be able to hire an editor and begin the book publishing process.
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