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is creating Paintings, drawings, sketches, rendering, etc.
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About Mark Shaylor

I believe that every single person holds within them a subconscious image that will always move them, visually and emotionally, every day, in a deeply personal and powerful way.

And I'd like to prove it.

Have you ever been stopped or interrupted by something visually captivating?  In your lifetime, have you ever experienced something so moving that it gripped you internally and made you pause mid-step, the existence of which you could not help but take the time to appreciate?  Something you had not yet conceived in your mind's eye that sparked a sense of wonder, or invoked a soulful feeling you couldn't explain?

I believe that you have, at least once. I believe that you have even gone so far as to share the experience with another person because of how wonderfully it moved you, even though they didn't seem to quite share in it. And that they too hold within them an idea that would fail to provoke you in their way. Because of this, I believe every individual deserves to be moved by that particular, awe-striking splendor of their own mind's unique image. And after a glimpse into the triggers that stimulate these untapped feelings, I believe I can invoke that personal sense of wonder for you.

I don't deal in just paintings. I deal in manifest concepts of your personal experiences and aesthetics, so that you may forever be moved by what moves you.

I thank you for sharing the belief that I can do the same for you. 
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Continuing the mission. It always helps to have that special color or type of brush required to make the next commission a reality.  I'm ready to help you adorn your space with a piece that fits your personality and resonates wholly with you. Honestly, the less I have to worry about overhead, the faster I'm able to complete commissions. And truly, thank you for helping me fulfill my dreams of constantly creating visual beauty!
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