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Hello and thank you for visiting by my Patreon page! If you don't know much about me, allow me to fill you in . . .

I am a contemporary pop artist living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland. After graduating from uni with a degree in Popular Music (really useful!) I felt there was something missing in my life - and that something happened to be ART! Although I had really enjoyed learning the ins and outs of being a musician, I felt there was a large void in my creative arsenal - music wasn't enough to satisfy my visual mind! For as long as I can remember I have been doodling, sketching, rendering, designing and painting but it took me four bloody years of student loans, dingy flats and doing things that I really wasn't interested in (music theory) to realise I was working with the wrong medium! So after this epiphany, the sheet music went out the window, and the paints were in! It wasn't until I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in five years that I KNEW this was what I was supposed to be doing! Coming to the realisation that I want to live my life as an artist was a hugely powerful moment for me and I am now pursuing this dream with all of the passion and vigour I can muster! 


Now, this is where you come in. Being an artist is a fantastic journey - no two days are ever the same! However, for every liberating and wonderful experience you are given, there are also a myriad of financial, logistical and legal implications that make it an extremely challenging, yet rewarding,  job to have. In 2016, living full time as an artist is essentially having to run your own mini business empire and there is no way we can do it all by ourselves! Without the support of our family, friends and fans (the holy trinity of any artist) we cannot do what we love to do - it is YOU that makes this 100% possible! 

My Patreon page is about giving you the opportunity to support me as I develop and hone my craft, which will allow me to create more fabulous, fun and whacky artwork! Through a small monthly pledge (you choose between £1- £50), you will be helping me to fill my portfolio with more artwork, help get my work seen by new audiences and fans, build the community you are part of, help me chase new collaborations and work towards some of the bigger, more fantastical ideas I have! To show my appreciation for how awesome you are there are different rewards depending on how much you pledge. As a thank you, I want you to have exclusive access to my content before it's uploaded, send you original pieces by myself, Skype with you and much more! 

Thanks again for your support - it means so much to me! I love to chat with fans and collectors of my work so please say hi to me on one of my social media profiles if you are one of my Patreons! Cheers all - Mark. 


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"What keeps a good creative creating?" I hear you ask! The answer: STIMULATION!

Coffee is an essential part of my creative process and I simply could not go without. Inject it, snort it, drink it - whatever you do, you need it to keep that fuzzy creative buzz going throughout the day and night - no exceptions! What I really enjoy doing is getting out of my flat/studio and going for a coffee during the week. This is when I switch my phone off, take my notebook and let all of my ideas pour out onto the pages for a couple of hours. If I don't do this, my head might just EXPLODE! I've worked out the cost of getting a good coffee, (Not that Starbuck's shit) twice a week and feel it's a fun goal to start with. So if you want to me keep coming up with whacky painting ideas and and want to pledge towards a coffee it would hugely appreciated!

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