Mark Jordan

is creating stories to inspire and entertain girls who struggle to fit in.

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Truth is I’ve been telling stories since I was very young. Honestly. And mom, I did not launch my little sister's Barbie into orbit, the doll somehow fell into a series of knots that would make any Boy Scout proud. Granted those knots and the intervening twine happened to be wrapped around a bottlerocket, however I have no idea how either one got there or how the rocket was lit...

I am so excited that you’ve found my Patreon page and are interested in joining my community of story lovers and girl empowerers (it's a real word, the Mabe Queen confirmed it). As a patron, you will get sneak peeks into my creative process, my early drafts, my inspirations, and stories that won’t appear anywhere else from Kaylee (our heroine) and other characters. You’ll even get insights into the life of a shapeshifter and an evil queen (even though she doesn't do Q&A).

Here's a little background on me, I'm the father of two, including a redheaded artist who sometimes struggled to fit in. Like her, I also struggled to fit in at school. At work, I am an award-winning marketing and advertising writer. As a father, I volunteered to teach art in the local schools and spent ten years coaching soccer for kids of all ages. And while I never quite fit in with others, I learned some cool ways to make the world a little friendlier.

When she was young, she told me that she didn’t like being a girl because boys had all the good stories. She is the reason why I am writing stories of girls who don't fit in, yet find their own powerful way to rock the world (without a prince charming saving them).

I hope you'll join this exclusive community and have fun making a difference in the world. One girl at a time.
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