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I play finger style 12 string acoustic, classical and electric guitars and write songs with a message against tyranny, and compose acoustic guitar instrumentals.  I've been a family rights and political activist and videographer with over 261k views of hundreds of videos on my YouTube channel dealing with family law, Obama crimes, chemtrails and geoengineering, trial by jury.  I also maintain my educational website to help wake up Americans.

The lyrics of my rock and blues songs express my experiences with our corrupt family court system and with government corruption in general: illegal wars, bank gangsters, police state, GMOs, forced vaccinations, water fluoridation, nuclear contamination, animal rights and other environmental issues. 

I'd like to have the means to spend more time composing, arranging, recording, and performing my songs and making more music videos exposing tyranny.

"You sound like Leo Kottke"
Paige Powell, S.A.W.

"You sound like Mark Knopfler"

"Nice, complimentary music"
[instrumentals for restaurant]

"You're welcome to come back and play." Dr Baruch Ben Yahudah, owner
Evolve Restaurant, D.C.

I can perform either or both:
1 - Instrumental 12 string and classical guitar tunes
2 - Patriotic blues and rock songs with a message against tyranny with recorded accompaniment (bass and percussion)

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