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About Marnie Galloway

Greetings & salutations!
My name is Marnie Galloway and I'm a cartoonist & illustrator working in Chicago. In May 2016, a hardback collected edition of my Xeric Award-winning wordless comic In the Sounds and Seas was published by One Peace Books. It made the Notable Comics list in Best American Comics, and was mentioned in the Best Comics of 2016 round-up by the AV Club. So What? Press published a two-part memoir comic Particle/Wave in October 2016, the same month I self-published a poetic comic about motherhood called Burrow and its companion zine, Nest. I have been self-publishing comics for almost 6 years, working full-time on comics and freelance illustration since 2014, and served as an organizer of the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo from 2013-2016.

Pages from In the Sounds and Seas
Why Patreon? Why now?
In 2016, the graphic novel I worked on for 5 years plus two new comics were published. 2016 was also the year I became a mother. The high cost of childcare stretches my family budget to the breaking point, so I worked on these projects late into the night and on weekends when my partner is home to take point on childcare. This schedule of losing sleep in favor of working has taken a toll. As my son is turning into a joyfully running, climbing, adventurous toddler, the physical and mental realities of full-time parenting are colliding with my ambitions to keep up a meaningful art practice or as steady a freelance career as I was once able to nurture. 

With help from Patreon, I hope to be able to offset the cost of two days of childcare a week to work on two new projects: researching and developing a new graphic novel, and creating a local, site-specific experimental comics project here in Chicago. These are slow, long-term projects that need hours in libraries, hours experimenting with materials, and hours dipping pen nibs in ink that would definitely be disrupted by tiny, curious, banana-covered hands. 

Pages from Particle/Wave
You might be thinking: "I already buy your comics! Why should I support you on Patreon?"
First of all: thank you for reading my comics! That is so great! By becoming a patron, you're helping to support the whole process of researching, writing, planning and drawing comics in addition to supporting the final product. Depending on your level of patronage, you will get behind-the-scenes updates on process via a monthly newsletter, exclusive access to process photos and sketches, PDF copies of my minicomics, and my undying gratitude for your generosity. Check out the "Rewards" section to the right for details.

Pages from Burrow
And finally:
Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your perusal and potential support. We're all in this together! 

With care and solidarity,
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