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Starting January 2020 - Join in a new monthly Roll20 meet up and play with some of the crew and other Patrons in some wacky Heroclix antics. 

Some of these will be competitively focused, but others will be, on the more silly side!

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Married With Clix has been making Heroclix videos on Youtube for the past two years. In those two years we've had incredible support from the community at large. We put this channel together because we love this game and we know you love it too and this gives us a chance to share that love with you guys! 

That said, we want to make the channel better and we need your help to do so. As a Patron, you help us upgrade our equipment, get access to better editing software, and push us towards creating an Annual or Monthly Married With Clix Heroclix Tournament. 

We appreciate everything our fans have done for us over the years and we look forward to giving you a better Married With Clix experience. 
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Let's Create a tournament league!

As we discussed on the Meta Lab we want to create an accessible format for the game of Heroclix. That said if we can hit this goal, we will take some time out to create and manage a Heroclix League using an all common format! 

More info to follow!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 330 exclusive posts
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