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Ever wondered how the script is different from the final product? Ever wonder what a script looks like? Ever wonder if I can actually spell?

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About Mars Rising Films

Mars Rising Films
Mars Rising Films makes short films and series in a fast and furious manner with and emphasis on script and character. We put a lot of stuff on YouTube but are dedicated to any and all formats! 

Jon Enge is the man behind Mars Rising and has gathered together a group of dedicated filmmakers over the past 5 years and now has a wonderful, devoted crew that are more like family than just a crew.

Why We Need Your Help.
I've been making videos for over 5 years now and have worked with Corridor Digital, Freddie Wong, Epic Meal Time, DeStorm Power, Wayside Creations, Good Cops, Sneaky Zebra, Clinton Jones, Machinima Prime, Brittani Louise Taylor, Jimmy Tatro, Vitaly and many more!

I have made YouTube into a full-time job (actually, more like 2 full time jobs) and have done so many gigs all over the YouTube community but my passion is directing and I want to do it full time!

I have made a name for myself as "the guy who knows everyone and can do so much for nothing!" But my favors are all used up! I've had friends tell me "I can't do freebies any more" which I totally respect but I'm scraping just to get by myself. And it's either; stop and give up on  my dream, or try to do it this way.

By giving your support through Patreon, I can produce the high-quality content I have had to put on the shelf for the last few years due to budgetary constraints!

What You Get.
As Mars Rising Films' Patron you'll receive many exclusive bonuses EVERY MONTH unavailable to the public. See below for details!

Video Milestones
I have had some very big ideas over the last few years, many of which I've had to throw on the "some day" pile. Sith Wars, Mario/GTA5, Castlevania, a Dungeons & Dragons series, post-apocalyptic, The Exciting Adventures of Dr. Phineas Specktre Esq. (a steampunk series), "The Ginger Doctor" (Doctor Who), Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed: Apocalypse, Hard Wired (reboot), and so many more.

As more videos get made; the closer these will come to fruition.

Minimum: one great story a month is my commitment  to you!

In addition to that, I'll be sharing my trade secrets with you so you can all know how to make movies without having a budget...  and having a shitty job that barely pays you enough to scrape by, much less to make movies.

Thank you for watching and thank you for your support!
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Yeah, that's right. When we hit $500, I will rent a banana suit and do the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" dance for the Mars Rising Films Patrons... In a fittingly embarrassing public place... Because I love you.
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