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About Marta Ferroni Artworks

Drawing is, and has always been, what I love to do.
It allows me to be by myself, lost in my thoughts, absorbed and concentrated in what I do, so much that sometimes I isolate myself from the outside world. There's just me and my piece of paper. That’s a moment of total relax, but sometimes it becomes a challenge, to get some kind of result and satisfaction, to see that what I have in mind is reflected in what I’ve drawn. All my works have a meaning and a story. They are important parts of my life, not only on an artistic level, each one is a little piece of me.

I love every art form (painting, sculpture, architecture, photography), I visited many museums and art cities. I really love travel.

I graduated from the Art School of Milan in figurative arts. That’s where I learned how to use different materials such as: pens, pencils, sanguigna, oil pastels, watercolor, ink, chalks, clays. As for acrylics and oil painting I’m a self-taught.
I draw portraits, illustrations, decorative panels, paintings and cartoons, using different techniques on different substrates, such as wood, paper or canvas.

I enrolled in Patreon on the advice of a friend. I think that the idea behind the platform is really amazing, a great way to really support artists day by day, month by month, sharing moments of their lives with them.
I hope you find my work interesting and exciting.

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I want to paint a big murale on a wall in my home and shoot a work in progress video.
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