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Martha Simons is a writer, editor, and content creator. She likes learning new information and sharing it with others via posts and videos.
Every creative soul is a perfectionist. They all want to get the impeccable results of their hard work. That is why some of the directors can't watch their movies, fashion designers can't look at their collections after the fashion shows, and artists can't stand looking at their paintings. Creativity is always combined with a challenge of accepting the feedback of the audience - no matter if it is positive or negative. When it comes to creating video content, there are many options you can use to make sure the result is close to being perfect. No one will deny the fact that videos are the most engaging form of content. However, it is also one of the riskiest ones. Getting new fans is as easy as losing all of them within a minute. And you don't want that to happen. Here's a collection of tips that will hopefully guide you in the right direction and make your videos even more engaging.
Use visuals/video effects
These additional features of your video are just like a surprise candy for a viewer. And who does not like candies, right? Sometimes the more creative you get with the visual effects the better. Make your video interesting and captivating. Do not always go for the obvious choices and experiment.

Predictability is the worst thing when it comes to video content creation. When you repeat the same approach over and over again, the audience gets bored. Therefore, experiment and try new strategies and techniques. Some of them might be a complete failure but you will never know that for sure until you try. Try using different formats and ask the feedback from your audience.

Create teaser videos
The human psyche is constructed in such a way that we want to get answers to our questions. We are very curious creatures. If your video leaves a viewer with the question: "What happens next?", the chances are she will watch the next episode. It is a great way to hook your viewers. Consider if this type of videos is relevant to the type of content you create. The only thing you have to remember is not to go too far with the intriguing content. Patience has its limits.

Think about a unique feature
We live in the world of trends. What was popular yesterday can be boring today. Creating a new video trend can be one of the key elements of your success. Your goal is to come up with something that is going to make you stand out from the crowd. This tip might look obvious but many content creators get caught up in the process and forget about this point. Look for your own unique feature to create the viral effect.

Live videos: connect with the audience
When you go live, you get the chance of interacting with your audience. They can comment and ask you questions. It is one of the best ways to show your fans that you care about their opinion. Do not forget to make an announcement about it in advance so that everyone will be able to join. Live videos can create that special bridge between you and your fans. Again, be prepared to get negative comments as well. Do not overreact and keep it cool.

Use various editing techniques
Once you've finished filming your video, the most exciting part begins. Now it is time to think about the editing process and choose the relevant editing techniques. There are plenty of them so you have a lot to choose from. The goal is not to let your viewers get bored. Here are some techniques you can use:

  • montage;
  • jump cut;
  • cross dissolve (just don't overuse it);
  • wipe (you can go for a retro style like we see it in Star Wars or take a modern approach);
  • J/L cuts (especially effective when you are recording an interview);
  • cutaways (one of the most popular ones among the modern bloggers);
  • cross cut parallel editing;
  • match cut (here's the right time to get creative);
  • invisible cut (great for timelapse).

Use a drone
It makes your video unique because it gives a viewer the chance to see even ordinary things from a new perspective. What you get are a beautiful view and the viewer's undivided attention. Be ambitious and look for some new creative approaches when working with a drone.

Find your own style
Finally, every video you create has to reflect your personality. Look for the approach that makes it easier for a viewer to understand who you are and what is your main message to the audience. This is a small list of tips you can continue. Your creative soul will show you the way. 

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