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A constant creator with a mind filled with big aspirations. I would like to think I was born a visual creator, but this was never encouraged, instead discouraged and I was firmly steered in a different direction - finance and banking. This led me to my "first" career as an investment banker with top banks in London, England, but I was utterly miserable, despite the "healthy" paychecks and bonuses. However it wasn't until 2003 as young parents to our firstborn, not long married to my wife Suzanne and fed up with with the limited time we got to spend together as a family that Suzanne gave me the needed courage and encouragement to follow my heart and hand in my notice. We left London and headed to Suzanne's native Scotland where I embarked on my second career as a photographer. Everything went swimmingly, going from strength to strength and as a family we were beyond happy. Fast forward a decade and half and we now find ourselves in my native Sweden, living in a tranquil village next to a nature reserve - a small piece of heaven on earth. 

That brings us to today. I'm a blessed dad to two amazing kids (they truly are, I'm not just doing the normal bragging parent routine) and a devoted husband to my wife of now 16 years. Unfortunately my wife is sick, something that I find hard to talk about and my inability to not be able to fix her is upsetting and devastating. Her health is a ball and chain not just attached to her, but naturally also me and family as a whole.

As a creative, the need for "freedom" this restriction has made it toughwhich is restricting, but hey-ho she's the love of my life and she and the children, our family are my no.1 priority.

hungry and a dreamer. Stills, motion, words and any combination of them all. A blessed dad of two and devoted husband to my wife Suzanne since 2002. Unfortunately Suzanne is sick, so my work, dreams, aspirations are restricted due to prioritising my role as husband and father.

Been a freelance photographer since 2003. Aspiring YouTube vlogger/creator