is creating Dark surreal biomech and fantasy art

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If you just want to help me keep working in my personal stuff with no other reward... then this is a good start and you'll have my gratitude forever :)




Hello! I'm a freelance artist since more than a decade ago. I grew up as artist developing surreal dark worlds i felt in sintony with my inner self but since some years ago i rarely find time or projects to continue aproaching that style because my commissions are mostly fantasy kind. I would like to use patreon as a self excuse and a way to getting deeper in to my own personal way, those biomechanical fields i love working on. If you enjoy my dark surreal line of work i would ask you to contribute helping me on this project.
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When i'll reach $200 per month i'll be able to create a personal dark surreal image monthly and i'll develop rewards for my patrons with it.
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