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Painter and tattoo artist. I have painted for as long as I remember myself. I don’t have a formal arts education, but I am totally dedicated to my work. All my works are a product of my personal experience and my nature.

My every creation is a search for a moment or a detail. This is a game with light, lights reflection, textures.

I paint mostly with oil on canvas. but don’t limit myself in this. I often use light reflecting powder and pigments.

Tattoo is a special part of my creativity. The first time I got the tattoo machine in my hands, I understood that I could not part with it anymore.
I put my best effort and my best energy in my every sketch and tattoo. I don’t make my work like on a conveyor and put as much time and effort so that my work would have the best quality.
$0 of $500 per month
When I reach 500$ a month I could afford a camera to make videos of my work progress, behind the scene videos and maybe even live streams.
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