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Listen to my latest release "How do you know it Ain't Going to Work?"

Listen to a song I wrote as a tribute to my paternal grandmother, Josephine Rogers who passed away December 2017 :  "Grandma Gone"

Help me focus on making more music by funding me on my online Rap Music 2018 Tour!

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A little about me. I am a father, a footballer (soccer player) and a creative music artist.

I was born in Sinnamary, French Guiana but moved to the Maryland when I was 8. I lived there until I was 17. I then moved to live in Aiken, South Carolina. I graduated from South Aiken High School after which I was recruited to play soccer at NCAA Division II Newberry College in Newberry South Carolina. After college I played with a couple of lower division teams in Europe as well as representing my country, French Guiana. I clarify this so that people understand that I wasn’t nor am I making the big bucks playing soccer. Although soccer did manage to support me for several years, my last experience was a particularly negative one in that my team did not end up honoring its financial commitments to me. My commitment to my country does give me great honor but only covers my expenses. Regardless of its ups and downs, life goes on. In fact in 2015, one of the great joys in my life my daughter, Noliwey, was born.

I have represented my country, French Guiana, over 20 times in soccer and will be doing so again this year at the Gold Cup being played in July in the United States. This is the reason I am calling this online music tour the Gold Cup 2017 tour. Come out and watch French Guiana play July 7th against Canada at 7pm Eastern Time at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey; July 11th against Honduras at 10pm Eastern Time at the BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston, Texas and July 14th against Costa Rica at 7:30 pm Easter Time at the Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas. Or watch us live on Fox Sports!

And finally I am a creative music artist. I make rap music in English and in Creole. I have been making music since I was young; but it is in the last couple of years given the support and encouragement of my friends that I have started taking it seriously. I tell my story, the stories of friends and loved ones and raise important societal issues in my music.

Click on the following links to listen to some of my songs:

Well Gold Cup 2017 has come and gone and now I am segueing into my Rap Music 2017 Tour.

First release post tournament has just been named Song of the Week by IndependentDope on FB.

Listen to it and let me know your thoughts!

Just so you know the money I raise will help me support my daughter and me as I devote more and more time to creating the music you all want to enjoy. I hope that my music will give you as much pleasure as it does me as well as make you think and raise awareness for the issues I sing about.

So don't forget to sign up and become one of my patrons! In addition to money any help spreading the word about my work and funding needs will be greatly appreciated. Thank-you for your contributions and help.

I will keep updating this site with more information and music. So don’t be afraid to come back!

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