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is creating Composing and recording independant music.
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I have to get a new Sax asap because the old  one is making tweet sounds.
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About marwin win win win

I really hope that I will achieve a benefit to everybody that is connected with my Patreon page. First of all I wanna say that I really dig playing and recording music because it is an exciting thing to do. Secondly, I like to talk about the fundamentals of music and the inner spirit of what is good music. I hope that you find it interesting to follow what I am doing. Some of you are musicians or some of you are music lovers liking to find new stuff. Some of you may not like music at all but because you want to understand it in your own way, I won't kick you out. Hahahahaa

I am NOT going to talk about or compose mechanical music and has no organic flow. I mean like most of the pop-hits which doesn't mean anything at all. Here we just try to figure out the fundamentals of music that has spirit. I will create hopefully interesting content, that in my opinion has value. This may be totally strange and different stuff that maybe you have never ever heard something similar to. But it is all about the experience! If you dig it then lets sail!

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