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About Maryam Henein

The best way To find yourself is to lose yourself In the service of others ~ Gandhi

My name is Maryam Henein, and I am an investigative journalist, activist, entrepreneur, and the director of the award-winning documentary Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Page. The Huffington Post named the film “one of twelve most mind-blowing movies you can stream on Netflix.”

It's hard to believe but I've been covering the food supply, honeybees, nutrition, and autoimmunity for an entire decade. I would say that my message ten years later is that we are the bees, slowly being exposed to sublethal poisons. It's seems that I mostly write about toxins and how to stay far far away from them.

Ironically, after making the film I was exposed to chemicals on three occasions. Shortly after the first exposure, I was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromylagia. It took me six years of chronic pain but I hacked my condition and returned back to health.

Today, I am studying functional medicine, earned a certificate in metabolomics and consulting others to find their journey back to health.

Oh! And I've been working diligently with a group of dedicated hive members to create HoneyColony, an online health and wellness magazine and marketplace, aimed at empowering people to be their own best health advocate.

So Why Do I Need Your Support?

For one, activism is not a well paid gig. I am also in need of assistance because we have experienced a host of disruptions in 2017 because of CBD oil. Our product is helping hundreds upon hundreds of people. And yes in 2017, several merchant processors shut us down. One of them has been holding tens of thousands of our money. This has put a tremendous strain on our company and I personally have not been able to draw any income. We do, however, now have a secure processor and have moved all CBD products to a dedicated site.

I'm using Patreon to help keep HoneyColony a sustainable platform powered by the people. We want to continue to give you cutting-edge independent journalism. We are fearless in our pursuit for integrity, rigorous in our research, and driven by the values of truth. Part of our mission is to campaign for the bees and donate part of our proceeds to non-profit that are making a difference like Center For Food Safety and Beyond Pesticides. We will report on the latest in food politics and food security. You are not just donors but a key part of the hive. We want to hear from you. What health issues do you want to learn more about? What are the best ways to make the platform work, and improve what we do?

More About Maryam Henein

My quest down the path of health and wellness began 15 years ago. You would never know by looking at me, but I was hit by a Ford Explorer at 45 miles an hour and then dragged 49 feet while negotiating a crosswalk. I broke my left femur, tailbone, L-1, and five ribs. I was outfitted with a 14-inch metal rod and it took me a year to walk again without a cane or a limp. The trauma I endured led me down a windy path of medical treatments and self-discovery.

As a journalist, I used to investigative the underbelly of Los Angeles as well as the human psyche. But in a quest to heal, I found myself delving into alternative medicine and using my investigative chops to figure out the root causes behind my health issues. It’s so wild how many of us blindly listen to our doctors when in reality, Western medicine has such a blinkered view of things. They compartmentalize body parts and symptoms instead of looking at human health from a holistic perspective.

I became both scientist and guinea pig. I fused solid research with first-hand experience and not only became quite knowledgeable, but also healed myself and became a holistic health advocate! I found myself in the aisles of Whole Foods sharing my knowledge with strangers.

And then in 2007, the bees literally flew into my life and gave me a bigger purpose. The bees pulled the curtain and exposed the wizards of Big Ag. Just like you, I didn’t know that beekeepers zig zagged through America with semis full of bees from one monoculture to the next. I gained a whole new perspective about our food supply.

If (organic) food is thy medicine, then the rapid spread of industrial agriculture and the increasing standardization of the food industry is our downfall. Chemicals are killing bees and beings, monocultures are breeding super bugs and killing biodiversity, genetically modified foods are making us sick and ruining our seeds, and factory farms are causing wide spread antibiotic resistance and causing unbelievable pollution. The paradigm shift must happen NOW.

Empowering You to Be Your Own Best Health Advocate Instead of Keeping You Sick.

Dedicated to educating and empowering people about the bees, food security issues, and health, I created an online platform called HoneyColony, a magazine and marketplace geared toward people who are starting on their health journey. We are dedicated to putting honesty back into mainstream health and our food supply! This 75-second animation explains our concept:
Today, we reach 5 million folks a month and have a newsletter with 40,000 plus subscribers.

HoneyColony is a social enterprise and we do not take advertising dollars, which is why we need your support. We strive to bring you the latest news when it comes to bees, food security, and health. With your help, we will continue to report with integrity when other sites just perpetuate misinformation. We strive to get our facts straight and empower you. My mission as proverbial bee and messenger is to create a virtual hive where we can exchange ideas and solid information.

Meanwhile, we know that main stream brands place profits over people and sell us products that are filled with poisons. Therefore we have a line of Simply Transformative solutions to replace them. For instance, most deodorants are made of cancer-causing ingredients. Not only do we provide a food-edible solution, we arm you with science, in-depth profiles, and testimonials. We stand for integrity and quality!

HoneyColony seeks to save you years of anguish by giving you access to solid information and allowing you to connect with others who have undergone similar health challenges. We modeled our platform after the bees and with your help, it will be a fully functioning hive where people can communicate and find each other. Swarm intelligence delivers the truth. We gather nectar and pollen in the form of information and organic products that do not kill you.

We invite you to become members of our social health-oriented network where we can build a global, online community to share information, ideas, and insights. We also give you access to world renown health advisors who can send you their feedback and tips.
$0 of $3,000 per month
Because of the current disruptions in my business, your support will allow me to earn a living wage while continuing to cultivate HoneyColony into what I have envisioned it to be: empowering you to be your own best health advocate by creating a virtual hive where we can exchange ideas and solid information that mainstream media won't cover.

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