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About Masha Falkov

I'm Masha Falkov, and I've been drawing since Ican'trememberwhen.  You can find my art on Facebook or on my homepage, Dreams and Travels.

Making art is my life, which is why I can't stick to just one medium.  Pen and ink is my favorite, but I've been spending  a lot of time working in digital media and glasswork lately.   

My digital work has a wide variety of techniques, but much of it uses my own photography, custom brushwork, and traditional painting techniques on a graphics tablet.  It's a frictionless medium, and there are concepts I can express well only through the techniques digital allows.

I create many forms of glass sculpture.  I make accurate representations of molecule models, geeky fanart figurines, and many, many marbles.  Working with glass is like a fever dream, watching the many colors the rods turn as they become more liquid.  It's really addictive, and it's the only 3D medium I work in.

 The biggest factor I have in creating my work is time, and even the smallest donation helps me allow more time for focused drawing, making my tarot deck, and trying out new techniques with glass.  They help me pay for my basic needs such as food, rent, and raw glass to work with.   I have several projects I'm working on, and with your help can complete so much faster, since I won't be quite as bogged down with freelance glasswork!  In return you get access to high-resolution images of my work, signed prints, and cute little "care packages" that contain little mini-prints and glass sculptures shipped right to you!

These are the projects I'm working on and wish to see to completion.

My ink drawings are very detailed and take several weeks to create. I'd love to make more of them, but they require the most time and attention out of all the different projects. I'm in the middle of one right now!

Though I love working in ink most, I also like to work in digital media and sometimes mix the two together.  

- Post Psychedelic Cyberpunk Tarot (oracle) -  I designed this deck, complete with a pamphlet containing descriptions for each highly unorthodox card within, about 8 years ago.  I'm in the process of redesigning each of the 60 cards right now, and want to keep going.  This deck is a sort of catalog of all kinds of really cool ideas taken from literature and neural-cybernetic concepts.

- The Gossamer Web Graphic Novel - 2 years ago, I finally finished up the third volume and revised the whole series.  Though I've had the first two printed up in a more indie-style bind, I really want to get the whole comic printed in a beautifully bound book format.  The Gossammer Web was what I did for three years straight, 24/7.    You can read parts 1 & 2 here -

- Geeky Fan Art Glass Figurines - Last year I worked on a set of Breaking Bad chibi figurines out of glass.  They were some of the most challenging pieces I've made, owing to the trickiness of getting the faces just right. Glass just wants to melt and flow everywhere, not stay in one place until it's welded.  I'd really love to make more different figurines because they're not only beautiful to have on one's shelf or altar, but they're extremely fun to make!   

-DNA and other really complex glass molecule models - The last time I made two levels of a DNA molecule it didn't quite connect and shattered apart after 4 hours of work straight.  I would love to make more complicated models such as DNA and Oxytocin, and have an exhibit in a gallery to show the beauty of chemistry.  I also want to make a series of the biochemical processes of how familiar chemicals such as serotonin form.  (That's chlorophyll below)

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$1 looks small, but it's actually really useful.  For $1 you'll get my heartfelt thanks!
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$5 is so versatile. It can pay for a couple of new micron pens, which I go through like water. It can pay for a few rods of colored glass, and a couple of pounds of clear borosilicate to work with.
In return for your donation, this reward will let you have access to a sketchbook-flip video, where you'll get to see drawings, sketches and doodles in my private sketchbook that are not otherwise available for public view.

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For $10 each month, you'll get a little package of 3 postcard-size prints in the mail (in an envelope so you can mail them) each month (or, when things really get up and running, some stickers of my art as well).  As I create new work, there will be little postcards of that, too!  You'll get the rewards from the lower tiers, too!
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$30 is pretty substantial and helps me do a lot.  Like pay for all the fuel I need to blow glass, or all the clear glass I use each month.  And gas to get to places like ComicCon when I set up my table there!  Seriously, thank you.  For $30 each month, you'll be getting a care package in the mail of 3 postcard-sized prints and a tiny little glass creation made just for you - as well as the access to the sketchbook flip video.
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$50 a month is amazing!  That's like a week's worth of groceries for me.  For $50 you'll be getting everything mentioned in the smaller tiers - sketchbook flip, postcards, a tiny glass creation - and you'll get a signed medium-size (8.5" x 11") print of one of my artworks.
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$100 is enough to make me feel rich, and you should feel that way yourself.  That's why you'll be getting seriously pampered with a most awesome care package. For $100 you'll be getting everything mentioned in the smaller tiers - sketchbook flip video, postcards, a tiny glass creation, a medium sized print - and a larger, more complex glass creation.  This might be a vortex marble, or a small molecule model, or a curiosity vial filled with oddities from all over the world.  It will be different each month, but always fun.
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Wow.  You're my hero!  You've basically ensured that I spend more time developing new art, working on actual projects, than focusing on filling repetitive orders simply to get by.  For this covers almost all my rent or virtually any other expenses I run into.  There's a limited amount of rewards here because I can only focus my energy so many times on a proper thank-you for something like this.  For $500 you get the complete care package offered for the $100 tier (basically all the other tiers combined) - plus a small original art piece, probably with whatever new ideas and techniques I've been working on lately.
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I'm putting this reward up simply as an experiment, being new to Patreon.  But maybe there'll be someone who has $1000 a month they'd like to spend to support an artist.  This would cover basically every expense I have and make it so I do nothing but make art all day long.  I can finally stop worrying.  In the case that you select this reward - my head would pretty much explode.  But then, you'll get all the things in the care packages, including original art - but you'd also get one day a month together where I'll help you learn whatever you'd like in the realms of ink & digital art, lampworked glass, or both.  8+ hours of lessons/brain-picking/consulting for a project/ or simply hanging out.
$0 of $150 per month
Ink flows through my veins.  Even if I have all the shiny digital tools, they can't compete with the feel of a pen tip on paper.  But when glasswork has to be made and digital design work has to be done, it's hard to argue for the economic benefit of sitting down and making a new drawing.  This is why I hope to succeed with Patreon - so I can carve out that extra bit of time and actually complete a new drawing every month, making that is which is at the heart of me as an artist.
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