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About Dean Angelo

HELLO!  I am Dean Angelo, and I have always been one of "Those People".  Those People?   Yeah- one of those creative weirdos who likes anything to do with art and creation.  I have been an entertainer, makeup artist, writer and many other things but the constant i my life has always been art.  Weather it is makeup and special effects, wood working, Sewing, Painting, Sculpting, Soap making, Puppets-  If it's fun and quirky- it's me.  I plan to use this as a showcase to share what I am working on- some how to's and commentaries- some just art to gawk at- who knows!

I do a lot of work with a major central florida theme park on their annual halloween horror event- so I do a lot of horror and sci fi/ fantasy stuff on my own- but I also paint and make puppets SO you never know what you will see of here.  So, keep an eye open.  I plan to not launch this page until I have a few months worth of videos and posts back logged- because- well, ya know how artists can lose focus.  If you decide to become a Patron, I want to make sure there's stuff and content coming your way!

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