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About Mason Mennenga

A People's Theology
: the queen of the sciences for the peasants of the people.

Theology matters
, not for the ones who boast in their ivory towers, but for those of us with sweat racing down our faces, whose bodies are broken, and whose hearts long for a different world.

I am creating resources through a variety of mediums that explore theologies that inspire and liberate–theologies such as process theology, liberation theology, womanist theology, queer theology, and many more.

In order for this project to truly be one for the people, it must be for and supported by the people.

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Mason Mennenga is exploring A People's Theology.

With inspiration from process theology, radical theology, liberation theology, and many more, Mason hopes to share the inspiring and liberating theologies that will transform this world.

He is a youth worker at Solomon's Porch, Master of Divinity student, aspiring theologian, podcaster, and writer.
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