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is creating mostly sketches and fanart, the works
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Man you are so cool for even given me money. If I could hug ya I totally would, but I mean if you don't like hugs I would respect your space. Since I can't give you hugs I can give you a small badly drawn doodle. Cuz your so cool man.




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Hello and welcome to my page!
As you may have guessed not that much of a serious artist but I do like drawing and it has become somewhat of a hobby of mine. So if you like what you see you should follow for some okay content.
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This is just something if you feel generous for an okay hobbyist like me. I'm just trying to get out there and improve. Like I'm not trying to be the best but I wanna keep what little skill I have, and hey if there are people who are gracious to even spare some change I would be deeply appreciative, but like only if you have money to spare. I'll probs use it to buy a hamburger if I'm being honest. Anyway if I get up to five dollars I'll do five doodles on that day!Thank you! Wish me luck!
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