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About MasterTekken999

[It's still under construction, so don't donate it yet until everything is finished.]

Hi, this is MasterTekken999.
(It's just a gamer tag, not my name thou.)

So, I'm new here, of course.
The reason why I'm joining this Patreon is I'm promoting my mashup album called
"LINKIN PARK x LOVELIVE! MASHUP!" and also, I want to improving some crappy things into the new stuff.

I'm also do cosplaying but I'm not going with that yet.

A dollar (1$) could help me thou.
Help me to increasing subscribers / views to unlock (on YouTube) :
- Voice Reveal [COMPLETE]
Supposed to be 250 views but due to schedule issues or something, I decided to go for 300 views.

- My Avatar / My Character Reveal (MasterTekken999) [COMPLETE]

- Face Reveal [UPDATED]
OLD : 500/1000 subs / 500 views
NEW : 1000 views
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Thanks for donating a dollar!

Or any amount, I guess...

$0 of $20 per month
This one is for microphone.

Well, probably for vlog, voice acting and...something relatable.
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