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Hello! I’m Mat, a 18 years old passionate photographer from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.For about two years I was stuck to just those ordinary portraits like anyone else who buys his/her first DSLR, but after some time studying and applying myself to it I completely fell in love with photography and got so amazed by all the possibilities that now I just cannot see my life without it.

Seeing that the first step might be the most difficult one, my best friend and I decided to give photography classes for free to the community here in Brasilia, within the last year we taught more than a hundred photography enthusiastic by promoting the classes, “instameets” and I’ve also brought the first Concept Collaboration Event to South America.

I was limited to my surroundings for a while, but now I’m moving to India (!) to work and live photography. I’m wiling to dedicate myself as much as possible to it and I’m super excited about how it’s gonna turn out. This is a dream come true and I have so many ideias that could end up being the pieces of my life.

While in India I’ll be working as a Creative Visual Artist, so I’ll be able to create something new more often than I do back here in Brazil. I’ve been going deeper and deeper in surrealistic and fine art photography, which gives me plenty of possibilities when it comes to ideas, locations, props, models, clothing…Endless alternatives.

This will require a monthly contribution. Why? Because I work in different mediums and platforms, some projects take hours, others months to produce, so per-work pledges wouldn't make sense. Monthly contributions will help me reach the level I aim to my images.

The thing about Patreon I love the most is the obvious benefit of getting to do what I love without depending on office hours or anything like this. To make this dream come true, you can help me through this platform and I’ll make sure you have access to exclusive content, behind the scenes, blogposts about set ups and some fashion as well.

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