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Hi Everybody!
I have been inspired to join the idea that Jordan Peterson had about providing free education on the Internet. I have a completely different background than Mr. Peterson, being an accounting and computer guy rather than political science and psychology. I don't like Marxism any more than Jordan B. Peterson does, however my reasons are economic and philosophical, to add to his criticisms.
My idea over the long term is to explore ancient history, philosophy, laws, and religions, to try to make sense of how our society is organized now.

In addition, the Law Societies and Bar Associations are saying on their websites that it would be a good thing if the general public knew more about the law. I know I can talk about things where the information is verifiable on the Internet, and perhaps dig into the history of it by using more ancient sources, which are also available on the Internet.

I am an experienced political campaigner, and I also have 45 years' of experience playing guitar. So later, I might do some guitar lessons featuring harmonic theory I have stumbled across. The video I have made which is getting the most hits is "Jordan B. Peterson Shuffle", where I take some random virtues of his and comment on them. If you look that up on Youtube, you should also be able to see the other videos in my series, which are up to 15 now at the time of writing.

Any suggestions you might have to make it better would be greatly appreciated. I confess there are a few 'ums' and my delivery is not perfect, however I am really enjoying doing this, and I hope you enjoy my videos!

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