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About Brent Yorgey

Hi, my name is Brent Yorgey.  I've been writing The Math Less Traveled for over ten years, posting about whatever mathematics I find beautiful, fun, or interesting.  I make a lot of visualizations and illustrations (including factorization diagrams and my popular "Posts Without Words" series), and often write multi-part series of posts walking through the details of a proof or introducing a particular area of mathematics.  As an experienced teacher I always try to make my posts accessible to those without a lot of formal mathematical background.

By joining The Math Less Traveled Patreon community, you get access to exclusive content like high-resolution mathematical graphics, or my idle musings about math, teaching, kids, or all three. I'm also excited to use Patreon as a platform for getting early feedback on drafts, gauging interest in potential topics, and soliciting ideas for new post series.

I aim to write about 4-6 posts per month; pledges are per month so the number of posts in a given month does not affect your pledge amount.

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