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Dear Patreons,
My name is Boris Kareem Hunneman, born in 1994, currently living in the Netherlands.
On the internet I go by the name of Matnisstrovia.

For many years I have been working on big philosophical questions. For quitte sometime I have been thinking what to do with this.
Go to university? Write a book? Use knowledge in a company somewhere?
I decided to be try and spread the word on the internet! The plan is to make video's, give live lectures, write articles and ultimately, write a book!

I strive to be an internet influencer.

My work I will split up in two major projects. One is scientific, work on formula's, strictly defined and hard to understand. (
The other will be easier to digest and more illustrative.
My book will be a combination of both.

So if you want to participate in my community. Follow my work. Or please help me finance this!
You are very welcome!

Thank you!

Boris K. Hunneman
$0 of $2,000 per month
Build my own community website.
A place to publish and discuss papers. 
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