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Matrix a bot that started as little project but quickly evolved to have lots of useful commands thanks to at the great users who added it their servers!

Click here to add Matrix to your server!


  • General functions:
    • Repeat commands up to 10 times
    • Custom user prefixes
    • Custom user command shortcuts
  • Utility functions:
    • Can get a user's avatar
    • Can get posts from reddit
  • Music functions:
    • Can queue youtube videos, whole youtube playlists, and soundcloud tracks
    • Can pause and resume tracks
    • Can automatically get a song from the initial d soundtrack
    • Songs can also have the following effects applied to them:
      • Increase volume by %5,000
      • Increase pitch by 2x speed by 1.4x
      • At 5,000% volume, 2x pitch, and 1.4x speed
      • Normally, but increase to 5,000% volume at a specified time in the video
  • Night in the Woods functions:
    • Can generate images and gifs of nitw characters, custom emojis, or users in your guild saying things in a nitw text bubble
  • Misc functions:
    • An oldman can tell you to get off your lawn
    • Can generate an island
    • owo
    • Can page through the first links on wikipedia pages until it reaches philosophy
    • There's a bunch of image retrieval functions
  • Admin functions:
    • Autoresponses that can automatically send a message when a trigger message is sent
    • Log actions like message deletions, edits, users laving, and etc.
    • Setting a custom server prefix
    • Adding server commands shortcuts
    • Adding limits on how many messages Matrix can send in a channel in a given timeframe
    • Disabling and enabling individual commands
    • Disabling commands in certain channels
    • Setting a custom welcome message that gets displayed when a new member joins

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