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Hey, what's up?
I hope your journey from Quora was a fun one.

You might be wondering, "What the hell is Patreon and why did I click here?"

Well, I've heard that some fans want a way to show support. Since I don't have the book out yet, here's a way they can say "keep writing!" while also giving me a swift kick to keep at it.

For you, if you're just browsing, don't feel like you gotta give. Seriously. I love all the support I can get...even if you're just reading my stuff.

But if you want to help me by becoming my patron, awesome...I really appreciate the props.

So where am I at with all this?
My Quora writing just passed 1 million views Easter weekend...sweet! The book is at about 400 unedited pages (don't freak....this means it'll be half that when done).

Thanks for reading my stuff. I hope it makes your day a lot more interesting. See you around and thanks for being a fan.

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