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WHAT A RUSH. At the $5 Road Warrior tier you officially join the DOOMED club (hence forth know as the Legion of DOOMED). You get: a second PATRON-ONLY episode of DOOMED each week. You also help support the forever free regular weekly episode of DOOMED. Plus more goodies to come!
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About Matt Binder

Hello! Welcome to the Patreon page for DOOMED with Matt Binder! Have you enjoyed listening to the show and it's debunking of far out conspiracy theories as well as it's leftist political news and commentary? Well, you're in luck!

You can now help support the free weekly show as well as receive a second patron-only bonus episode of the show each week by subscribing for $5 a month.

More patron bonuses on the way as well as (hopefully) expanded goals to take this show even further depending on how this all goes!

Thank you all for listening to the show!

Check out what people are saying about DOOMED with Matt Binder on iTunes and elsewhere:

"If The Majority Report is a meal, this show is the dessert." - Bullprog

"...fantastic at discussing serious issues in a lighthearted way." - Trillian66

"This guy is 100% a Russian agent." - Ken Jirkman

"Wow! And it's $3 less than The Michael Brooks Show!" - Matt Binder

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When we reach 100 patrons, the weekly patron-only bonus episode of DOOMED will begin! (I'll probably break this and start doing the weekly bonus episode regardless of if we reach this goal or not...but let's shoot for the stars and take it from there.) More goals to come!
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