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My Background
I have written for several sites but I'm trying Patreon since I've heard good things. I have consulted for a professional team, worked on a successful baseball video game and covered the MLB draft for SB Nation. 

My coverage 
I left the prospect scene a few years ago. I still followed the draft and prospects closely, I just haven't wrote anything lately. I miss covering prospects and chatting with people about it. In the meantime, I've watched video on many prospects and spent a lot of time tweaking my statistical analysis program.

I AM NOT a guy out grinding away at ball games. I'm not a scout. I have talked to a few in my life. None blew me away with their knowledge.

I've talked to other prospectors and the vast majority are trying to become scouts. I am not. I have no interest in that life. I'm just here because I love the game.

I will offer a different opinion to get a leg up in fantasy leagues or just learn about the future of your favorite team, or most hated team for that matter. I'm not a professional scout. I'm not trained in the process or the scale of assigning grades. I look for talent and use my own method of grading and ranking players. I've played in hundreds of games, watched 1000's of games and analyzed players in showcase scenarios and been able to identify talent well. I want to pass that knowledge on to you.

If I get enough patrons, I will cover minor league prospects, international prospects and anything else that my patrons would want me to in the baseball realm. The more support I get, the more I will do.

I know this is a niche product and I don't expect a ton of support but I would like to make more here than I did on my personal site. Here you won't be bombarded with ad's. Just content and access.

Thank you!
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#Juco ROute
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Decent prospect. JC guy who could go D1 in two years. Might get taken with a good season. Over 100 JC players were picked last year.
Senior Sign
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Look at you. You worked your way into the top 10 rounds by grinding and showing pro potential. That $10,000 bonus isn't much but you're a pro ball player.
D1 Prospect
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You my friend are a hell of a prospect but you want a ton of cash. I'll take you in the 11th round and try to find 3rd round money for you.
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I will release my regional rankings similar to what I have done in the past, breaking the country down into 12-14 regions and posting the best players in each area.
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