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About "Matthew 24:14" Christian Ministry - Run By Faith

Matthew 24:14 (King James Bible): "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come."

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("Matthew 24:14 Christian Ministry" Is Not Operated/Owned By Any Outside Person/ Organisation, Nor Funded By Any Church/Denomination, As Well As NOT Being An Official Part Of The Seventh-day Adventist Church) 

Hello, this is Philip from England ([email protected]), the admin of "Matthew 24:14 Christian Ministry" - Run By Faithwww.Matthew2414ChristianMinistry.org
 (beliefs: www.Matthew2414.info/Beliefs) - let us spread the Gospel around the world rapidly and get the Work finished, according to the Lord's good will.

I am a Christian, (mainly) raw vegan, use and defend the King James Bible, keep the "Saturday Sabbath" (Friday to Saturday evenings for 24 hours) and am a Creationist - I also currently work as an "online" English teacher - I was originally baptised in a Baptist Church and have been attending a Seventh-day Adventist Church in the UK for a number of years and run their website for free (not currently a member, although may well become in the near future) - I know quite a lot about web design and internet technologies, such as setting up internet television + radio channels, etc. and have some experience with making websites for mobile phones, as have been in these areas for my work and free sites for quite a lot of years - also I have a lot of experience in making e-courses, PDF e-books, newsletter mailing and writing articles.

There are over 100 Facebook groups ( www.matthew2414.info/facebook-groups) being run and the most popular are the prayer group and Bible answers group.

Here is the link for the prayer group:  www.facebook.com/groups/ChristiansPraying and also here is a promotional video.

Here is the link for the Bible answers group: www.facebook.com/groups/ChristiansAnsweringBibleQuestions

There are also 5 "live" / "real-time" Matthew 24:14 Christian ministry TV channels + also a "live" / "real-time audio Bible channel:

www.matthew2414.info - main ministry TV channel.
www.christianspraying.org - watch recent prayer requests (TV).
www.matthew2414.info/New-Testament-Verses - view selected New Testament verses (TV).
www.matthew2414.info/Old-Testament-Verses - view selected Old Testament verses (TV).
www.matthew2414.info/Old-And-New-Testament-Verses - view selected Old And New Testament verses (TV).
www.matthew2414.info/Bible-Audio - listen to the Bible (Audio).

Also, there are currently 40+ websites online (main ministry site first and the rest alphabetically):

www.Matthew2414.info / www.AreYouGood.org / www.AskBibleQuestions.org / www.BibleHeaven.org / www.BibleJudgement.org / www.BibleMarkOfTheBeast.org / www.BibleMemorisation.org / www.BibleTrinity.org / www.ChristianEvangelism.org / www.ChristianJobVacancies.org / www.ChristiansPraying.org / www.ChristianitySpiritualWarfare.org / www.ChristianityTestimonials.org / www.DefendingTheKingJamesBible.org / www.EllenWhiteBiography.org / www.FreeEnglishStudy.org / www.FreeEnglishTeacher.org / www.FreeOnlineResume / www.GeneralHealthTips.org / www.JesusChristSalvation.org / www.LeavingAdultery.org /www.LeavingFornication.org / www.LeavingHomosexuality.org / www.LeavingMartialArts.org / www.LeavingSuicide.org / www.LeavingTheNewAge.org / www.MinistriesNeedingHelp.org / www.NaturalCancerTips.org / www.PlanBibleReading.org / www.ProlifeChristianity.org / www.RawVeganDietTips.org / www.ReachingAtheists.org / www.ReachingCatholicism.org / www.ReachingJews.org / www.ReachingMuslims.org / www.SaturdaySabbath.org / www.SDAInfo.org / www.SupportADRA.org / www.TheBibleTenCommandments.org / www.TheProtestantReformation.org / www.VeganDietTips.org / www.WorldCreation.org.

Thank you for your support.

In Christ,

Philip ( contact)

$0 of $1,000 per month
Some or all of the following:

  1. Buy and develop websites to a functional level.
  2. Get as many internet "television" channels as possible running in English + other languages (perhaps more than 100 channels in total) and look at perhaps getting some radio ones online as well.
  3. Develop social network connections through paid advertising, etc..
  4. Other costs, such as web hosting and paying staff, etc..
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