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You'll get all the digital and physical goods from the lower tiers. You'll also get a special album goodie bag whenever I release a new album, special thanks wherever possible, Priority Requests and even Artist Shout-Outs during my live streams, VIP goodies at my event parties, and an invitation to my annual Officers-Only Beer Bash at my home studio!

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Dear Potential Recruit and/or Minion–

I'd like to thank you up front for your interest in joining the Officer's Club. There are music fans, hardcore music fans, and then there are music fans (like you) whose ambitions for galactic domination cannot be contained within the confines of mere "reality".

I salute you (but don't get used to it, I am the Captain of this crew after all). Maybe you're a new recruit, maybe you've been one of my VIP's since I started my own subscription site back in 2008. Either way, this is something new and I'm excited that you're going to be a part of it.


I make music, it's my full-time job.

I'm also a published author, a podcaster, a voice actor, an electronics geek, a homebrewer, and more.

Music's paid the bills, sure, but I used to write short stories all the time. I wrote a novel from the age of 16 all the way to about 25, but I've never shared it with anyone. I have imaginary friends that I featured in a musical theater production in college, but I never developed it further. I have ideas for illustrations, costumes, and scenes that I simply do not possess the skills to bring to life visually.

There's a lot going on upstairs that I'd like to share with you, and now you're actually helping me make that happen.

You are a new kind of fan, one that fits into neatly-categorized boxes about as badly as I do. You don't drink one kind of beer and you don't eat only one kind of food, why would you expect an artist to be into only one avenue of expression?

Fuck the boxes, this is a revolution.

Alone I would just be another indie musician in a basement or bedroom, banging on keyboards and begging for Kickstarter money. With fans like YOU, however, we're able to reshape our world and any world we choose. When I started my own subscription system five years before Patreon was a thing, nobody else was doing anything like it. Fans LIKE YOU believed in me enough to keep the music and stories flowing ever since.

And, looking to the future, without you there will be no Revolution. It's your belief, your support, that transforms an ordinary, mundane life into something out of this world (or whichever world you choose to be out of). At its basest level, your funds will fuel everything from bigger and better live shows to weekly webcasts to… who knows.

By joining today, you become part of a chain reaction that's turned a kid with a piano into a full-time piano rocker that tours the galaxy with his robot buddies.

Who knows where we'll end up next?

Matthew Ebel
Captain, UTF Revolution
Bird One, Avian Invasion



If you've got questions, ask me via Twitter, Facebook, email, carrier pigeon, or whatever and I'll post the big ones here.

What kinds of THINGS are you making?
Things you'd pay for:
  • Mostly music… like new singles, remixes, live recordings, and albums
  • Short stories and novels
  • Audiobook chapters
  • Podcast episodes and radio plays
  • Concert videos
  • Music videos, both live-action and animated
  • Original illustrations
  • Original costume photo sets
  • Whatever I can think of that is worth your hard-earned cash

Things you'd get in addition to the above, depending on your tier or the goals we've reached:
  • An annual goodie bag (and if we reach the goal, mini-bags too)
  • Invitations to Officers-Only parties (or free admittance to other parties)
  • The monthly private webcast/chat
  • Postcards and letters

What happens if you release 50 things in one month?
Okay, that's not likely to happen… but Patreon lets you set a monthly cap so you won't ever be charged more than that amount. If I release nothing in a given month, you'll be charged nothing.

What if I'd rather pay per month instead of per thing?
Just set your "per thing" basis to whatever you'd prefer to pay monthly, then set your monthly cap to that amount.

What happens if I've already hit my cap and you send out another THING?
In most cases, you'll still get the stuff I'm releasing anyway. I know a lot of people want to do it as a monthly fee, so I'm going to have to gauge my monthly output based on what I know people are willing to spend. For bigger things like the annual Goodie Bag or a new novel, though, I'll probably restrict how it's released. I'll warn you in advance, though, if something's not going out to people already at their cap.

Why are your goals/tiers priced like this?
Because doing this all on a per-thing basis is totally new to me and I'm still figuring out what's fair. So these tiers and goals will probably change over the first year or two as we find that happy medium. If you've got a problem with what you're seeing or you want a higher tier/goal set up, talk to me.

Shouldn't you be releasing all this stuff for free and letting people just pay what they want?
Absolutely. Once you start booking my shows and promoting my music for free, I'll be happy to do that. I'll pay you what I want.
87% complete

Convention Touring: 4 Months

Most conventions cover Matthew's costs for a concert appearance… but some of them are too tiny or too new to afford even basic accommodations. Starting at the $800-per-thing level, Matthew will set aside a budget to pay for a convention show every 4 months.
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