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Every dollar counts and it all adds up to some real change! Thanks! I'll give you access to my Patron Only Feed here on Patreon where I post updates and group items, and you will also be invited to join my special Patron Only Private Facebook Group: "Humanculture" where I'll do private LIVE concerts.  
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Someone told me that you like music!? I've got 7 albums of previously released music spanning my 16 year career and I've put them all into a private soundcloud playlist for you. You'll be able to stream all of my previously released music anytime you want 24/7 and I may just throw a few unreleased goodies in there for fun! PLUS you'll get the Patreon feed and be invited to join my "Humanculture" Facebook Group! 
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You've listened to all those albums and you want the JUICE! The LIVE juice! On top of the studio albums you'll also have access to my private stash of LIVE shows from 15 years of performing with so many different artists its hard to keep up!  PLUS the album stream, Patron Only feed, and the private FB group.  




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About Matthew Human

Hi there - I’m Mathew Human. I’m a singer songwriter, live music producer and performer, a community organizer a yogi, a foodie, and a farmer.

For 15 years, I've toured all over the United States and beyond with my band The Human Revolution singing songs about living the simple life and encouraging people to stand up against the corporate control of resources. In that time, I have produced seven studio albums plus one live release and performed hundreds of live shows, festivals, and rallies.

Eight years ago, I was invited to join a permaculture based ecovillage in the mountains of Costa Rica on an epic river, where I have been developing an off-the-grid education center where people can come learn new skills and experience for themselves nature raw and unplugged.

I have since built a community house out of natural materials from the land, as well as designed and installed basic infrastructure including a dry composting toilet, an outdoor shower, a garden, and fruit trees. The next steps are to design and build some simple cabinas, where students can sleep comfortably, upgrade the solar system to accommodate the needs of the program, and continue to refine the existing infrastructure.

For those who cannot be here physically, I have been producing a serious of videos and Facebook Live’s, where folks at home can join me along the journey, meet the characters on the land, and learn fun new things like permaculture principals, new and exotic fruits and how to cook of the land.
Meanwhile, I am continuing to write and produce my own mix of country and world music and I am currently preparing to release my latest independently produced studio album, “Reality,” written and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee.

Your support here allows my music career to remain as independent as possible and allows me to focus on writing and creating new music, release this current album, keep making fun and educational videos from the farm, and to continue to build the infrastructure necessary to host students and change lives.

In the old days, only royalty and the very wealthy could afford to support the arts through patronage, but today through crowd sourcing, everybody can help support the things they believe in, no matter how much they have to offer because every bit helps, and it all adds up.

To the right of this video, you can check out the different rewards and extra perks I have to offer in exchange for your support, and see how you would like to get involved. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and grow this vision from the ground up. ~MH
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My monthly bills are almost completely taken care of and I can focus on music FULL TIME! This is a true blessing for me! At this rate I can focus ALL of my energy on creating conscious music to inspire people and do more of my free live events!
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